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Enhancing Safety Measures in the Wake of Tragedy: A Reflection on Recent HSE Findings

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The recent Health and Safety Executive (HSE) report highlights the critical importance of robust safety measures to prevent workplace accidents.

Today, we share an unfortunate incident that highlights the necessity of implementing adequate safety measures to protect employees and avoid accidents.

We share this information as it’s crucial for businesses to learn from such incidents and continually reassess their safety protocols.

Overview of the Incident:

The HSE investigation revealed that an agency worker, Mr. Dean Atkinson, lost his life when struck and run over by a loading shovel at Ward Recycling’s site in January 2020. The company has been fined £2.15 million after being found guilty of corporate manslaughter and breaching health and safety regulations.

 Mr. Atkinson, a 32-year-old agency worker, met a tragic fate while returning from the site’s welfare cabins to his workstation on the picking line. In order to complete this journey, he had to navigate a traffic area where mobile plant operations, including two loading shovels, were in progress.

Unfortunately, it was in this traffic area that Mr. Atkinson was struck and fatally injured by one of the loading shovels. This heartbreaking incident underscores the need for meticulous traffic management and pedestrian safety protocols within industrial settings.


Key Findings and Lessons Learned:

According to HSE inspector Stephen Garner, Mr. Atkinson’s death could have been prevented if Ward Recycling had implemented an alternative traffic route for pedestrians at its site. Simple measures, such as providing suitable separation between pedestrians and vehicles, as outlined in HSE guidance on workplace transport, could have made a significant difference.

The investigation identified the lack of suitable traffic management arrangements, putting pedestrians at risk of being struck by moving vehicles, including loading shovels. Loading shovels were deemed particularly dangerous due to limitations in the operator’s visibility around the machine. The report emphasises the need for adequate segregation and visibility assessments to mitigate such risks.

Our Commitment to Safety

At Compass HSC, we understand the paramount importance of implementing effective health and safety measures to protect workers and prevent tragic incidents like the one at Ward Recycling. Our consultancy services prioritise exceeding client expectations by delivering comprehensive safety solutions.

How We Can Help:

  1. Traffic Management and Segregation: We can assist your organisation in developing and implementing robust traffic management plans, ensuring safe separation between pedestrians and vehicles in the workplace.
  2. Visibility Assessments: Our experienced team can conduct visibility assessments to identify potential blind spots and recommend measures to enhance operator visibility, reducing the risk of accidents.
  3. Health and Safety Compliance: Compass HSC specialises in helping businesses comply with health and safety regulations. We provide tailored solutions to address specific industry risks and ensure a safe working environment.


The tragic incident at Ward Recycling serves as a stark reminder of the critical role effective health and safety measures play in preventing accidents. Compass HSC is here to support businesses in achieving and surpassing the highest safety standards. Let us work together to create a safer, more secure workplace for everyone.

For inquiries about our health and safety consultancy services, please send a message or contact us on (01253) 735755

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