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The Covid-19 pandemic has introduced changes to our social and working life that are unprecedented and we all have to find new ways to work and communicate.

Employers are legally obliged to provide training to all Employees, e-learning adequately satisfies this requirement at a fraction of the cost of a tutor-led training session and without disruption to work.

Whilst many of your workers may not be in their typical positions, the benefit of continued learning for workers and employers cannot be understated.

60+ online training courses

With a catalogue of over 60 training courses covering high employment sectors such as Construction, Manufacturing, Retail, Health-Care, Office Environments and Catering.

Our courses are fully interactive combining tutorials, video and animated graphics offering an enhanced and enjoyable learning experience. You only ever pay for what you use, and our courses start from as low as £10, making it an extremely cost-effective solution to meet your training needs.

Many of our courses are accredited with RoSPA, IATP, CPD, IIRSM or IFE approved.

Explore Our Bundles

We have put together a set of discreet work sector bundles, that each represent their respective industry, and their fundamental training courses. Our bundles provide an opportunity to upskill and develop core industry knowledge, whilst also representing great value for money to the business.

Course Bundles offer significant discounts on the individual e-learning license cost; the more licenses you purchase the bigger the discount.


Construction Bundle Group Discounts
Single User: £67.50 (10% Saving)
2-5 Users: £60 per user (20% Saving)
6-10 Users: £56.50 per user (25% Saving)
11+ Users: £52.66 per user (30% Saving)

Create a Bundle

Here at Compass HSC, we are flexible in the way we work, and we understand that every workplace is different.

Our packaged eLearn bundles might not offer exactly what you need, but did you know we can tailor them to your specific business needs?

All of our Bundles offer significant discounts on the individual e-learning license cost; the more licenses you purchase the bigger the discount. The same can be said for our tailored bundles:

 Single User – 10% Saving
2-5 Users – 20% Saving
6-10 Users – 25% Saving
11+ Users – 30% Saving

To create a tailored bundle perfect for your business, contact the team today.

Looking for something else?

Here at Compass HSC, we are proud of our wide range of Health and Safety Training courses both online and in the classroom.

If you cannot find the course or bundle for you, contact the team to discuss your requirements.

Emergency First Aid at Work - Online Annual Refresher E-learning Course - Compass HSC H&S Consultancy , Lancashire

First Aid - Annual Refresher Course

RRP: £35 | Our Price £15
Basic Fire Safety E-learning Course - Compass HSC - Lancashire H&S Consultant

Basic Fire Safety Awareness

RRP: £25 | Our Price £10
Introduction to Risk Assessment E-learning Course - Compass HSC - Lancashire H&S Consultant

Introduction to Risk Assessment

RRP: £35 | Our Price £15
Manual Handling E-learning Course - Compass HSC - Lancashire H&S Consultant

Manual Handling

RRP: £35 | Our Price £15
Personal Protective Equipment E-learning Course - Compass HSC - Lancashire H&S Consultant

Personal Protective Equipment

RRP: £35 | Our Price £15

We Brits are admired across the globe for our ability to carry on in the face of adversity, to make the best of it no matter what and without too much complaint. 

In seeking ways of dealing with the Covid-19 furloughs and lockdown we believe now is the perfect time to look up and forward to better times, whether it learning to use new technology, or the chance to upskill.

Our range of e-learning courses provide the perfect opportunity to prepare for that new dawn and to return to work buoyed with new training and skills.


Thank you for taking the time to read over this post.


Kind regards,

Brian Lambert

Managing Director

Compass HSC

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