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This training video forms number 6 of a set of 6 training videos covering key construction hazards, providing basic guidance to designers of all disciplines on the principles of Occupational Health Regulations.

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Occupational Health

The health and wellbeing of construction workers are all to often overlooked, with serious consequences.  Unnecessary stress and excessive exposure to noise and vibration can be caused as a result of the design. This video will give designers an insight as to the causes and consequences of ill health resulting from their design decisions.


Occupational Health – Sample Video

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Brian Lambert


I am a vastly experienced and competent Health and Safety professional specialising in the higher risk sectors such as:

Construction & demolition, Chemical process Manufacturing and Engineering

My background and foundation of skills and technical capabilities was honed over 25 years in the chemical process manufacturing sector with ICI, and I have been fortunate enough to have held many technical and Senior management roles as an electrical engineer, civil engineer, facilities site Manager and Construction department Manager.

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